We support understanding at individual, team and organisation level to gain fresh insights and to help you take action for change.

REACH is a consultancy established to help individuals, teams and organisations to develop a greater understanding of themselves and their current situation (through REAlisation), and to support them to define, shape and become different (through engaging with CHange at individual, team and organisational levels)

We have been working with individuals and organisations for over 18 years to coach, facilitate and challenge them to gain insights about themselves and their organisation, and to develop approaches to personal and organisational transformation and change.

In the challenging work and organisational environments we work in, the need to gain fresh insights about ourselves and our teams/organisations and to take action for change on the basis of those insights has never been greater. We can support you in designing and delivering a bespoke approach that will work for you as you REAlise and CHange.


A Lesson in Reflexivity

Well here we are! A functioning web site for my business ☺ It’s been a bit of hard work (thanks to Steve for keeping me focussed on what was needed) and I can be honest enough to say I have found it a challenge to prioritise the time to make it happen. But sitting here, [...]


Talk to us about our experience and approach to coaching individuals and teams.


Find out what tools might be appropriate to support any stage of your realisation and change.


Effective job and organisation design or structure, or, evaluating and sizing roles to support performance.


Personal and leadership development at an individual or team/leadership cohort level.

Organisational Change Programme for the NHS

“I have found Lesley exceptionally helpful around areas of organisation design at a senior level in my organisation. She has provided me with support and guidance on developing new Directors posts following an Organisational Change programme and latterly in developing and designing the Chief Executive post.

It was critical for the organisation that the Chief Executive post truly reflected the present and the future world it would be operating in. Lesley was instrumental in helping us to do this. Also key for me was that Lesley understood the tight timescales we often had to work to and always delivered on time and her absolute integrity and discretion.”

Director of HR in an NHS Scotland Health Board.